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Over the years we have established a reputation for providing quality work across a full range of marketing disciplines. Global PR & Marketing are constantly improving our own performance as we continue to learn from our varied client experiences.

This is facilitated by a dedicated and knowledgeable team who have a strong matrix of skills and a good level of awareness for developing the right type of image for the markets they are currently working in.

Global PR & Marketing always enter into service level agreements with each client; this is to ensure that both parties have understood the requirements and outlined and agreed the objectives and targets for each project enabling us to regularly exceed your expectations through regular communication and feedback.


Great PR is about building reputation and we can bridge the gap between you and your target market.

Through the promotion of your company’s unique selling points, achievements’ and culture we can establish that you are the right brand for your clients.

Global PR & Marketing has established a reputation for providing quality work. We can ensure that the right messages reach your customers, industry and influencers; at a time you want them to.

Digital PR

Digital PR is a multi faceted ever changing medium. In order to maximise your companies’ exposure we utilize all available platforms. We engage your target audience through strategically planned digitally communicated messages.

We can manage your websites content in order to keep it up to date, relevant and interesting. We use social media tools in order to drive additional audiences’ and drive new traffic to your company website.


Your companies’ messages and services can be communicated in more than just words. Visual images represent you.

We can create a new identity or enhance your existing one. Your marketing materials are often the first point of contact a client has with you. We make sure every piece is 'on message' and works in an integrated way to enhance your brand.


We possess the necessary seasoned experience in marketing operations and management to offer best-practice services and solutions specifically tailored to our clients needs.

Our services reduce costs, optimize processes, leverage emerging technologies and create a positive brand image. We strive to make the biggest impact on the widest audience with a carefully planned strategic marketing campaign.


The hallmark of a well-organised event: The audience is focused on the client, and their business. Each bespoke event is customised to our clients needs. Events are managed with precision and professionalism.

Our global connections can secure your events with sponsorship partners that conjure up positive associations for your brand and generate additional revenue.

Venue Sourcing

We can source the perfect venue for any event. From just locating a venue right through to organising any additional event logistics Global PR and Marketing can assist as much or as little as you require.

Whether you need a corporate hotel through to a remote island for a bespoke occasion we have the resources to assist you in locating the right destination. This free service will save you time and money as we have priority rates with venues internationally.

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Our Services

Over the years we have established a reputation for providing quality work across a full range of marketing disciplines.

Public Relations

Media relations
Copy writing
Reputation management
CSR delivery


Competitor analysis
Strategic planning
Profile development


Creative Concept
Project management

Digital PR

Social media


Website design

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